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Rory McNamara is joined by Bob Colling and Pete Kimber to look at the WWF in September 2001. After the grim-but-essential task of reviewing the Smackdown held shortly after the attack on the United States, the boys are able to turn their attentions back to professional wrestling by looking at the the stupendous build for Angle- Austin II, the Unforgiven PPV in full and their thoughts so far on the Invasion angle.

Billy Johnson, Daniel D'Wit and Adam Joyce are back to bring you another month of non-mainstream goodness! Today the guys look at a fascinating selection of contests from August 2001, which include a few very familiar names!  For more information on the matches and where you can watch them, check out the relevant page on our website right here!


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Erick Landstrom, Chris White and Dan Welling cover a Very Good SummerSlam 2001, check in on the post-merger locker room (nothing to see here, folks), praise the incredible Steve Austin (what?), and discuss the alarming result of the biggest match of the month: the WWF vs. the WWF.

Adam Joyce, Billy Johnson and Daniel D'Wit are back for another deep-dive into the indie wrestling underworld, this time looking at July 2001!

They take you on a World Tour - which like any good World Tour takes in a trip to Portsmouth - and they also drop in on Chris Lacey for an old time's sake ECW Reunion! Well, it has been four months...!


The chaps also bring you another Listener Pick Match - and be sure to follow them on Twitter at @indywres20yrs for how you can help make the call for next month's version!


For video links to all the matches discussed on today's show plus some more information, head to our website!


Lacey is join by Yullie and Del as we go over one of the biggest months in wrestling history! We finally have WWF vs WCW (with added ECW)! We cover the Invasion PPV and all the TV going into it, another Austin turn, some amazing Heyman promos and then the small matter of the return of the Rock but will he go to the WWF or team WCW/ECW ?

Chris White and Erick Landstrom cover a busy June 2001 in the WWF. The guys discuss another great month from Steve Austin, DDP the Stalker (not so great), the burgeoning WCW invasion, and the 2001 King of the Ring.

Daniel D'wit, Adam Joyce and Billy Johnson are back with you for a second helping of Indie Goodness from June 2001. The guys pick two matches each, during which we will meet the likes of Low-Ki, Doug Williams, a pre-Mickie James Mickie James, The Amazing Red and many many more (oh yeah, The Barbarian and Tony Atlas too).  The guys will also take you through our first Listener Pick Match - and be sure to follow them on Twitter at @indywres20yrs for how you can help make the call for next month's version!


For video links to all the matches discussed on today's show plus some more information, head to our website!

The talking is over! Let the talking begin! Yes it's the first episode of The Indies 20 Years Ago Podcast!

Join Billy Johnson, Daniel D'Wit and Adam Joyce as they take you through May 2001 in independent wrestling! They break down all the big and interesting news for the month before reviewing a selection of matches! If you wish to watch along with them then head over to our website for a full match-list with videos of the matches.


For those of you who are used to our format on the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast, we are sure you will quickly pick up that these shows are NOT in strict Time Machine Mode, so if you hear things like "WWE" and "Blu-Ray" you don't have to bristle too much! 

For those of you brand new to us, welcome! We hope you stick around and check out all the other content we have available on our feed!

We've been looking forward to bringing this new direction to you all for a long time so we hope you enjoy it just as much the guys did making it and I did editing it!

Follow the fellas on the twitters at @indywres20yrs for more info, clips...and soon on how YOU can get involved with forthcoming programming!

Rory McNamara is joined by Devinder 'The Hardest Working Man In Wrestling Interviewing!' Vargas for a month full of important in-ring action in the second of two shows looking at the WWF in May 2001:


Awww he gave her a paiw of Dudwey gwasses!

Judgment Day 2001 Review

We always knew it would all go well for Chris Jericho. Honest!

HHH Toughs It Out

TLC III: Must We? (It's Still Bloody Good Though)

People are booing Austin! Really!

Rory McNamara is joined by Dan 'Star-Spotter' D'Wit to look at..oh..right....another UK-only PPV. But this one is good!! Really!! Well, some of it. Maybe...


Warning: Contains bad singing...

Rory McNamara is joined by Pete 'Black Widow' Kimber and Bob 'It's Still Real To Me, Dammit!' Colling to start on the long long long road with just one wrestling company for...er..company. I hope you brought a hip-flask!

On the agenda for April 2001:

Austin 4:2 Says...The Same Things As Before. Uh Oh....
People Want To Cheer HHH. People Are Weird, Man....
The Intercontinental Title is The Wanker's Title
Are we all out on the Back-Lash?

Chris Lacey also makes an appearance in order to finally lay ECW to rest...although "rest" is probably the wrong word!

Welcome to a brand new show here on the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Network! The Indies 20 Years Ago Podcast!


Rory McNamara (with his indie-friendly mic) is your host but that's really not important here..


What matters is the presence of Billy Johnson, Pete Kimber, Daniel D'Wit and Adam Joyce as they introduce themselves AND what they have in store for us each and every month on our Network! You will hear about their previous experiences of indie wrestling (both good and bad!), how the new podcast will work and how you can watch along with us!


First show proper will be with you in a month from now!

Follow the Twitter account for the podcast here: @indywres20yrs

Rory McNamara. Erick Landstrom. Chris White. Chris Lacey. Dan Welling.

Wrestlemania 17.

In timeline.

Released 20 years to the day.

3 hours. 16 minutes.


Check out our melody.

In the third of three volumes for this most tumultuous of months, Rory McNamara helms a show in which we look at the 288th and final edition of WCW Monday Nitro - which just so happened to have a serious chunk of it simulcast with WWF Monday Night Raw. (In the highly unlikely event of you not knowing why this was able to happen, check out Volume 1 for this month...which you should have done anyway...) Old-school WCW fan Chris Lacey is also here to help pick over the bones.


Erick Landstrom guides you through all the happenings on the Nitro side such as a defiant Ric Flair letting rip, Booker T becoming the final WCW World Heavyweight Champion and Flair n' The Stinger hooking it up one more time.


Chris White has you covered for the go-home show for Wrestlemania X-Seven. The return of Mick Foley, Angle getting something to do and  more huge developments re the main event are all here.


And then from there...we have the simulcast portion itself...and we can safely call that eventful!



(We recommend listening to all three shows in order!)

In the second of three volumes for this most tumultuous of months, Chris White is joined by Rory McNamara to dedicate just a little bit of time to the small matter of the build to probably the biggest Wrestlemania of all time!


Speaking of all time, they get a contender for Worst Segment Of Forever And Ever out of the way first before looking at how the WWF have prepared us for what we have in store in Houston in just a few short days.


They look at Shane McMahon being all noble and that, the Undertaker being all ignoble and that,a contender for BEST Segment of Forever And Ever and then finish up by predicting the whole card!


Our full review of Wrestlemania lands on April 1st!


(We recommend listening to these three volumes in order!)

In the first of three volumes for this most tumultuous of months, Erick Landstrom is joined by fellow former keepers of the WCW flame on this podcast - Bob Bamber and Rory McNamara - as they then watch it be extinguished for the final time.


They plot the course from the start of the month all the way until the still-shocking news of the company's demise being made official.


The final PPV - which could only ever be called 'Greed' - is reviewed by the team, as they also use some of its more positive moments to plot a course  as to where the company could have gone.


Vince McMahon and his pocket change are also discussed at great length, including whether the encouraging noises about full-scale WCW programming under the WWF banner are really just extended death throes.. 


The boys then sum up the last seven and a half years of covering WCW on this podcast channel..and wonder aloud what- if anything can be learned from it.


Thanks for the memories WCW. No, really. Thank YOU.


(Note: We recommend listening to these three shows in order!!)

Chris White and Rory McNamara have reached the last stop on The Road To Wrestlemania (take a drink)! 


In addition to the full review of the No Way Out PPV from Las Vegas, they find time to discuss the following:


Are You Ready For Some Football? Well, No. Not Really.

I'll Pay To See These Guys Fight - As Long As I HAVE To Pay To See Them Fight

The King Abidcates

Oh Yeah...The Wrestlemania Main Event Might Be Alright Too..




..and stay tuned for no fewer than four VERY SPECIAL SHOWSSSSSS coming your way over the next few weeks:)




Erick Landstrom is joined by Rory McNamara and Pete Kimber to discuss WCW for February 2001.


Will the sale to Fusient happen? Who’s in charge of creative? Where did all the women go? What did Pee Wee say? Oh, and SuperBrawl: Revenge happened too. The show then closes with some very special news concerning what’s to come in March and April.

Chris White is joined by Lacey & Dan Welling to go over the 2001 Royal Rumble, we discuss rumoured ECW talent coming in and what may be done with them.

Lacey and Yullie run through what could be the very last ECW PPV, we cover the show and the news of no new shows for a few months, possible sale, Heyman looking to the fed for a job and more 

Yes it's finally here! The quiz that takes in our entire timeline! Hosted by Rory McNamara, and contested by great names past and present from our near-300 shows over the last seven years; strap yourselves in for six rounds of brain-creaking trivia!


Get your thinking caps on and then let us know via the usual methods how well YOU managed to get on against our crack contributors.


(PS. Apologies for both my internal mic and the very Saturday Night mood of the recording!)


Thanks for all your support since 2013 - stick with us for is certain to be our biggest year yet:)

Sound the bugles, one and all! WCW has been sold! It will be all plain sailing from here, no doubt! Rory McNamara, Erick Landstrom and Peter Kimber take you through all the news leading to Fusient Media Ventures taking control of the company in January 2001. Ok so no money has actually changed hands yet, and it is still possible they could pull out of the deal by March 30th 2001, but what are the chances of that eh?

The guys talk about the possible end of the careers (for very different reasons) of Messers Goldberg and Eudy, welcome back Dusty Rhodes and weigh up how likely it is will be seeing co-branded WCW and WWF PPVs before too long.....



Before we start to get all 2001 on you all, here is something just a little bit different. Well, quite a lot different really!


Long story short - Rory McNamara planned to present a Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast Quiz, with contestants drawn from our crack team of contributors. Technical issues delayed the recording, so - in quite the role-reversal! - none other than Bob Bamber stepped up to guide our guests through a 'warm-up' question. So much fun was had by all that we have decided to put those 50 minutes of madness out there for you to listen to! The Actual Quiz Presented By Rory did eventually get mounted and will be with you very shortly. For now though, think "THREE RINGS"!


Let us know how you get on! 


Stay safe all:)



Chris White and Rory "Smart Flan" McNamara are here to round off quite the year in the WWF!


Road Dogg: Getting Too Rowdy?

"The Rock is a decent promo" - Pass it on!

Full Armageddon 2000 Review

"That's my baby girl, huh?". Indeed...

Rumble/Mania predictions!



See you all soon 2001...but not before a special show drops this weekend!:)

Lacey & Yullie cover the PPV Massacre on 34th street and a few shock returns to Hardcore TV

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