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Bob Bamber is joined by Del Muir, Chris Lacey and Colin Judkins for our review of 1994. Split into two halves, the first discusses some of the big talking points from the WWF, WCW and ECW, the second is the all important end of year awards.

Over two hours in total, a Happy New Year for 1995!

Chapter Times:
- End of Year Review: 1:03:30

December 1994


Bob Bamber hosts the December 1994 podcast (we've got a year in review show coming separately) reviewing Starrcade 1994, Randy Savage's arrival, previewing the Royal Rumble and more.

Chapter Times:

WCW – 3:40
– Starrcade – 14:30
ECW – 54:30
WWF – 1:39:40

Discussion – 1:45:30. Talking the Royal Rumble, Randy Savage and Blacktop Bully.

Main Show guests: Chris White and Kieran Mitchell
ECW: Del Muir
Voiceovers: Colin Judkins


The third and final volume of November 1994 looks at an underwhelming Clash of the Champions and discusses the immanent arrival of Randy Savage, and other potential arrivals in the company.

Chapter Times:
Clash Of The Champions XXIX: 11 mins 30s
Randy Savage Discussion: 50 mins

A show that was largely saved, you might say, by a stellar match between Dustin Rhodes and Vader also featured the first match with the Three Faces of Fear, taking on Sting, Hogan and Dave Sullivan. Later on in the show, we look at one near-certain arrival in Randy Savage, and a few potential names that might be coming in including The Ultimate Warrior and Yokozuna.

Bob Bamber with Chris White and Kieran Mitchell.


The second volume of this month sees us take our usual look at ECW, before Bob departs leaving Del and Chris to look at the AAA “When World's Collide” Lucha Libre PPV.

Chapter Times:
ECW: Start
AAA: 43 mins

One of the great TV angles you will ever see with the “retirement” ceremony for the Sandman, along with a brutal tag team title match between Cactus Jack and Mikey Whipreck and The Public Enemy. The AAA show would also include a tag team match rated five stars by Dave Meltzer. Tragically, “Love Machine” Art Barr (who wrestled in this match along with his tag team partner Eddy Guerrero) would pass away less than three weeks later.

Bob Bamber with Del Muir and Chris Lacey


In the first of three volumes of this months show Bob, Del and Chris run down a mammoth month in the WWF, including the departure of Randy Savage and a double WWF Title Change:

Chapter Times:

WWF Survivor Series Review: 10mins 45s
Diesel Wins WWF Title Discussion: 1hr 5mins
Randy Savage Discussion:1hr 30mins

We look at a month which saw the WWF title change hands from Bret Hart to Bob Backlund, then to Diesel at a live event, and the massive news that Randy Savage is departing the company... to join WCW.

Bob Bamber with Del Muir and Chris Bradish

October 1994


Bob Bamber is joined by Del Muir to review the October 1994 wrestling action:

Chapter Times:

WCW - 00:09:47
+++Halloween Havoc - 00:17:41
ECW - 01;06:22
WWF - 01:33:37

Bob Bamber is joined by Del Muir to discuss Ric Flair's "retirement" (yes, WCW are already planning his comeback!), Halloween Havoc, another big month in ECW with the Sandman and Tommy Dreamer and the news that Bret Hart could well be losing the WWF Title very soon. All that and much more

September 1994


Bob Bamber is joined by Stewart Brookes from the New Generation Project and Del Muir to discuss Fall Brawl, Ric Flair's impending retirement much more.

Chapter Times:

WCW: 00:05:40
ECW: 00:57:45
WWF: 01:19:15

Full line-up:

- Ric Flair asked to retire
- Fall Brawl WCW PPV Review
- ECW TV review with Del Muir
- WWF Discussion on Bob Backlund's potential WWF Title match.

August 1994


Bob Bamber is joined by Colin Judkins, Chris Lacey and Del Muir with a bumper one year anniversary of the show. Reviewing a massive week in the short history of *Extreme* Championship Wrestling, Sandman hits Tommy Dreamer with the Singapore Cane ten times, WWF Summerslam (with the best and worst of WWF in the space of one hour) and WCW Clash of the Champions.

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July 1994


Bob Bamber is joined by Del Muir and Chris Lacey with the huge news that Vince McMahon and the WWF were found NOT GUILTY on all charges related to the steroid trial. Also, we look at Hulk Hogan winning the WCW World Title and the announcement of Undertaker vs Undertaker for Summerslam.

June 1994


Bob Bamber is joined by Colin Judkins and Del Muir to run down the Clash of the Champions (featuring Flair/Sting unification match and Hogans WCW debut) and King of the Ring.

May 1994


Bob Bamber and the debuting Stewart Brookes (from the New Generation Project) review all the action from May of 1994, looking at jobber Charles Austin winning over $25m from the WWF, WCW Slamboree, Ric Flair becoming an 11 time World Champion, King of the Ring and a Singapore cain match.

April 1994


Bob Bamber and Craig Wilson run down an excellent WCW Spring Stampede PPV - headlined by Ric Flair and Ricky Steamboat. They also discuss the WCW roster - and how Hulk Hogan will fit in. They also look at the (SPOILER) Intercontinental Title change to Diesel from Razor Ramon, and Shane Douglas' ECW Heavyweight Title win.

March 1994


Bob Bamber and Colin Judkins review Wrestlemania X. Two great matches, a fake Bill Clinton and a million dollar body with a ten cent face. We also "look ahead" at the futures of Bret Hart, Yokozuna, Lex Luger, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels and Owen Hart.

In the latter part of the show we look at Ric Flair's slow burn heel turn, and Hulk Hogan's impending move to WCW.

February 1994


Bob Bamber and Craig Wilson run down all of the action from February 1994 including WCW Superbrawl, Hulk Hogan to WCW rumours, WWF possibly giving away Wrestlemania title plans three weeks early a landscape defining ECW Title match and much more.

January 1994


Bob Bamber is joined by Craig Wilson and Colin Judkins (appearing as a guest) to review the Royal Rumble, the Clash of the Champions, the coin toss that lead to Wrestlemania 10 having TWO WWF title matches and more!

December 1993


Bob Bamber is joined by Craig Wilson to look back at December 1993. We talk Ric Flair and Vader in a match of the year contender at Starrcade, look ahead in the WWF to the Royal Rumble, do some end of year awards and have some retrospective chat on the two rosters and ask who is the best "fat" wrestler of all time.

November 1993


Bob Bamber returns with Colin Judkins and Craig Wilson to look over November 1993. Including the steroid indictment of Vince McMahon at Titan Sports, Survivor Series, Arn Anderson and Sid Vicious fight in England, Clash of the Champions and Battlebowl.

October 1993


Bob Bamber is joined by Craig Wilson to run down all of the action in wrestling from October 1993. We do a full review of WCW Halloween Havoc as well as looking at the return of the now heel Crush to the WWF, and Razor Ramon - the new Intercontinental Champion.

September 1993


Bob Bamber is joined by Colin Judkins and Craig Wilson to discuss all of the action in wrestling from September 1993, looking back at WCW Fall Brawl - including the War Games match, three title changes all with screwy finishes and Rick Rude's ring gear! A look back at the inaugural ECW event booked by Paul Heyman - Ultraclash, included the scaffold match. A look at the WWF now that Shawn Michaels has left and Scott Steiner has been suspended. And, what now for the NWA now that they have split from WCW.

August 1993


The first episode of the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast sees Bob Bamber, Colin Judkins and Craig Wilson looking back at August 1993, discussing the true end of Hulkamania in the WWF, the rise of Lex Luger, the debut of the Shockmaster, Summerslam, Clash of the Champions 24. And much more.

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Bob Bamber introduces the Wrestling 20 Years Ago project and podcast, explains how it will work, and what's to come. 

First "proper" episode to recorded at the end of August 2013... or is it 1993?