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As a few of our number attended Clash At The Castle last week, we have put together a little show in which we talk about the show a bit! Novel eh? You'll get to hear about our very specific on-site experiences, our thoughts on THAT finish, and whether the WWE will ever fancy coming back to these shores again before 2052!


For some video recordings of our time in and around the show itself, be sure to check out our Facebook page!

Erick, Dan W, Chris and that other bloke from ages ago are with you for a co-present-athon for Summerslam 2002. Of course you can expect the likes of:

The correct pronunciation of towns and cities with a "G" in them

Angle/Rey or Orndorff/Muraco. The world holds its breath...

Which version of Ric Flair's music is the best

Liking HHH again (sort of)

One of the panellist's all-time favourite match.... All-time!



But what about the overall score the guys give the PPV.? Has Wrestlemania X-7 been equalled? Hell, has the rating system been broken to such a degree that Wrestlemania X-7 can be surpassed?!...


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All shows from August 1993 available on Spotify, along with a playlist of every song you hear! 


Next up: Clash At The Castle Special!

Lacey Del & (He's Back) Rory are here to go over the Vengeance PPV, Undertaker in a early runner for MOTY with Jeff Hardy in a ladder match,  the death of the nWo and a pair of new GM's (one is nepotism the other is a shocking wrestling return)


plug for Seddon and Lacey's Comic stash - PopCulture Productions - YouTube

Lacey & Del are with you this month to go over the King Of The Ring PPV and a return of a icon, return of a asshole oh and the little news story of someone taking a ball home

Erick Landstrom and Adam Joyce Get the F Out of May 2002. First, though, they recap Judgment Day 2002, the WWE's rough start on TV, and pay tribute to the British Bulldog (but not before Tim White steals two shows at once!)

Chris and Chris are here to take you through the first half of May 2002. After getting a summary of Insurrextion 2002 out of the way, they then head out of the Time Machine to discuss what is now known as The Plane Ride From Hell. Drawing heavily upon the recent 'Dark Side Of The Ring' documentary, they take you through what happened in those dark few hours - with very strong opinions on the actions and words of certain individuals.


LOTS of swearing and MUCH in the way of NSFW-content to be found within....

Dan Welling is joined by Pete Kimber and Devinder Vargas to review the state of the WWF in April 198..sorry, April 2002!


They look at the early effects of the brand split, review Backlash 2002, stop off to meet Dorothy Flair and then set-up their own handicap match between 'Our Resident Hulkamaniac' and Our Resident Hulkamaniacs!



Lacey is joined by Erick, Whitie and Dan to cover the showcase of the immortals , Icon vs Icon with Rock vs Hogan, HHH vs Steph (i mean Y2J) and Austin vs Hall. Does it live up to last years 'Mania? 


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Join the gang for the first - and very probably last!- ever non-timeline Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast quiz! All things Wrestlemania are on the docket today, as two teams of four strive to survive. Sorry, wrong PPV.


Enjoy the next 45 minutes of a game full of high-scoring, controversy, and in the final round an almighty ricket from your genial host!


Let us know via the usual channels how YOU got on!


Our full in-timeline Wrestlemania X-8 review will be with you very soon:)

Chris White is joined by Daniel D'Wit to break down the NWO's debut into the WWF, review the No Way Out pay-per-view and preview Wrestlemania X8!



Rory McNamara is joined by Chris Lacey and Den Welling as another year begins! After the guests get to grips with Rory's little game, they then go on to discuss a bigger(?) game as HHH makes his return at MSG on January 7th!


A full review of the 2002 Royal Rumble follows thereafter,  and with some choice disagreement from the boys to boot!


We also discuss our hopes and fears - well, mainly our fears! - about the "lethal dose of poison" injected by Vince McMahon at the end of the month.




Listen to the end for an important announcement!



We are back with the 2nd proper quiz show, this time round Lacey is the quizmaster and we see Team 'Yes Sir I Can Boogie Woogie Jimmy Valliant' vs Team 'Allied Powers'. 

After a year where we lost two promotions but gained many more friends along the way, Rory McNamara helms our Ninth Annual End Of Year Awards Show! Chris White, Chris Lacey, Erick Landstrom and Dan Welling debate, discuss but mainly disagree their way through eleven categories covering both the very very good and very very bad of 2001! Listen along and let us know via the usual channels what your picks would be! Did we get it right?


See you in a few weeks for 2002!

Rory McNamara is joined by Del Muir and Pete Kimber to see off 2001. A year which even in its final four weeks still finds time to prepare(warn?) us for a forthcoming brand split, put on a PPV that takes us over two hours to review and best of all(YMMV) crown Chris Jericho the Undisputed Champion!


Thanks for all your support throughout the 2001/2021- and remember, the 2001 End Of Year Awards show will be landing on New Years' Eve!



Rory McNamara is joined by Devinder Vargas to - finally! - put a bow on November 2001 by taking a close look at The Great Reset edition of RAW from 19th November 2001! Turns! Returns! Buns! The guys also find time to discuss the latest episode of JR Goes Back Home and to struggle with the concept of Undisputed Champion!





Adam Joyce, Billy Johnson and Daniel D'Wit are on-hand for another month of independent wrestling from 2001! Listen out for appearances from wrestlers we haven't seen for a while, wrestlers we will likely never see again and wrestler we will definitely soon be getting used to!

Rory McNamara is joined by Chris Lacey, Erick Landstrom and Chris White to administer the final last rites to WCW and ECW in the form of Vince McMahon's brand of Sports Entertainment gleefully traipsing over their entrails!  Otherwise known as a review of Survivor Series 2001! Stay tuned for us casting our eyes back over the previous sorry four months of Alliance presentation plus yet another piece of Fantasy Booking Brain-Stroming!


Also check out our continually-updated Spotify playlist! (Don't worry, it's The Seekers' version of 'The Carnival Is Over' on there, not mine!)



For our first of three shows looking at November 2001, Chris White is joined by Rory McNamara to....yeah...review another UK-PPV again, I know I know... but this one has Austin v Rock on it!


Stay tuned for some out-of-time-machine-mode reminiscences! 

Lacey, Del & Yullie are back to go over Octobers WWF tv and the No Mercy PPV, we talk Angle/Austin & RVD as they go for the WWF title, Rock & Jericho battle for the WCW title, and we get the new and now only scale to rate a show.

Daniel D'Wit, Billy Johnson and Adam Joyce are here once again to take you into every nook and cranny of the Indie wrestling landscape of September 2001! As ever you'll come across some names you are familiar with, alongside those who in an alternate universe you are familiar with! For more information on the matches discussed today check out the relevant page on our website right here!


For the latest information and to discover how YOU can get involved, follow the on guys on Twitter at @indywres20yrs


We keep the time machine in the garage for this special edition of the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast, as Erick Landstrom joins reality show expert Heather Olson to review season 1 of WWF Tough Enough on MTV!

Rory McNamara is joined by Bob Colling and Pete Kimber to look at the WWF in September 2001. After the grim-but-essential task of reviewing the Smackdown held shortly after the attack on the United States, the boys are able to turn their attentions back to professional wrestling by looking at the the stupendous build for Angle- Austin II, the Unforgiven PPV in full and their thoughts so far on the Invasion angle.

Billy Johnson, Daniel D'Wit and Adam Joyce are back to bring you another month of non-mainstream goodness! Today the guys look at a fascinating selection of contests from August 2001, which include a few very familiar names!  For more information on the matches and where you can watch them, check out the relevant page on our website right here!


Follow the podcast on Twitter @indywres20yrs to keep abreast on future shows and on how you can get involved!

Erick Landstrom, Chris White and Dan Welling cover a Very Good SummerSlam 2001, check in on the post-merger locker room (nothing to see here, folks), praise the incredible Steve Austin (what?), and discuss the alarming result of the biggest match of the month: the WWF vs. the WWF.

Adam Joyce, Billy Johnson and Daniel D'Wit are back for another deep-dive into the indie wrestling underworld, this time looking at July 2001!

They take you on a World Tour - which like any good World Tour takes in a trip to Portsmouth - and they also drop in on Chris Lacey for an old time's sake ECW Reunion! Well, it has been four months...!


The chaps also bring you another Listener Pick Match - and be sure to follow them on Twitter at @indywres20yrs for how you can help make the call for next month's version!


For video links to all the matches discussed on today's show plus some more information, head to our website!


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