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Dan Welling makes his hosting debut and is joined by Rory McNamara and Adam Joyce to look at the World Wrestling Federation's offerings from July 1999. These include (but are not limited to!):

Blood, Sweat and Beers. But Mainly Blood.

Stephanie and Andrew Sitting In A Tree...

That Kane Fella Is Alright Really.

Fully Loaded 1999 Review

Vince McMahon is Gone. Forever. As in Until The End Of Time. Right?

Rory McNamara is joined by Pete Kimber to stare July 1999 WCW in the face...Let's just say that it's not safe to go back into the water! The topics of discussion include:

Bret Hart Returns To TV
Bash At The Beach '99 Review. We're Going To Need A Bigger Boat.
Hogan Does A Hogan
Yes Mr Sting Sir?
Shane Douglas. Don't Be A (Perfect) Stranger.

Erick Landstrom is joined by Chris Lacey and Bob Colling to get seriously extreme with ECW in July 1999. Not one for the faint of heart (thanks, Dudley Boyz audio clip...!), this show looks at all the big Hardcore TV developments, reviews the Heatwave PPV, and previews the debut of ECW on TNN  next month (take a drink!).

Chris White is joined by Rory McNamara and Dan Welling to try to escape the maze of booking decisions that are June 1999 in the WWF. As part of their thankless quest they encounter:

Higher Power? Greater Power? Emergency Power?

Stone CEOld Steve Austin

King Of The Ring 1999 and the Crowning Of King Ass (that sounded a lot better in my head)

The 2nd Annual 'Steve Austin Winning The WWF Title On The RAW After King Of The Ring Thing'

As there was no standard WWF show for May 1999, here for the sake of posterity are the RAW and PPV results for that month.  June 1999 WWF show is on its way!...

Raw - May 3rd 1999
Billy Gunn defeated X-Pac 
Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco defeated Pete Gas & Rodney 
Test defeated the Big Bossman, Mideon, & Viscera in a four corners match 
Vince McMahon defeated Shane McMahon 
The Acolytes defeated Mankind in a handicap hardcore match 
Triple H defeated Ken Shamrock (with Chyna as Special guest referee) 
The Big Show defeated the Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) by DQ 
Nicole Bass defeated Debra in a nightgown match 
Steve Austin vs. The Rock ended in a no contest in a lumberjack match 

Raw – May 10th 1999
Billy Gunn fought WWF Tag Team Champion Kane to a no contest 

The Big Show fought Paul Bearer to a no contest 

Debra defeated WWF Women's Champion Sable (w/ Nicole Bass) to win the title in a bra and panties match.

The Big Bossman defeated Test in a nightstick match

Cactus Jack defeated Viscera & Mideon in a handicap hardcore match 

Bradshaw fought Farooq to a no contest

Moments later, Mankind, Test, Ken Shamrock, and the Big Show - who served as lumberjacks for the bout - entered the ring with 2x4s and, after the other Ministry members fled the ring, all four men beat down Viscera with the weapons.

Pat Patterson & Gerald Brisco defeated Rodney & Pete Gas at 2:09 when Rodney submitted to Brisco's figure-4 as Gas submitted to Patterson's Boston Crab. Due to pre-match stipulations, Rodney & Gas were forced to leave the WWF.

Jeff Jarrett (w/ WWF Women's Champion Debra) defeated Val Venis 

Ken Shamrock fought Chyna (w/ Triple H) to a no contest 

WWF World Champion Steve Austin, The Rock, & Vince McMahon defeated the Undertaker, Triple H (w/ Chyna), & Shane McMahon when Austin defeated Shane with the Stunner, with Shawn Michaels as guest referee.

Raw - May 17th 1999

Road Dogg, X-Pac & Kane vs. Mark Henry, D-Lo Brown & Billy Gunn ended in a no contest after 6 minutes.
The Godfather & Val Venis defeated Jeff Jarrett & the Blue Blazer (w/ Debra).
Test defeated Meat (w/ Jackie, Ryan Shamrock & Terri Runnels) by DQ.
The Undertaker defeated The Rock in a casket match that went less than 4 minutes.
Michael Hayes & Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy vs. Gangrel, Edge, & Christian ended in a DQ.
The Big Show (w/ Ken Shamrock, Mankind & Test) defeated The Big Bossman (w/ Bradshaw, Faarooq & Mideon) in two minutes.
Steve Austin vs. Triple H (w/ Chyna & Shane McMahon) ended in a no contest after 11 minutes.

Over The Edge Results
Kane and X-Pac (c) defeated D'Lo Brown and Mark Henry (with Ivory) in a Tag team match to retain the the WWF Tag Team Championships.
Al Snow (c) (with Head) defeated Hardcore Holly in a Hardcore match to retain the WWF Hardcore Championship
Nicole Bass and Val Venis defeated Debra and Jeff Jarrett in a mixed tag.
Billy Gunn defeated Road Dogg
Big Show, Ken Shamrock, Mankind and Test defeated The Corporate Ministry (Big Boss Man, Bradshaw, Faarooq and Viscera) in an eight-man tag team elimination match
The Rock defeated Triple H (with Chyna) by disqualification
In the main event, The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) defeated Stone Cold Steve Austin (c) to win the WWF Championship after a fast count by special guest referee Shane McMahon.

Raw Is Owen
Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) defeated Test.
X-Pac & Kane defeated Edge & Gangrel (w/ Christian) to retain the WWF Tag Team Championship.
Matt Hardy & Jeff Hardy (w/ Michael Hayes) defeated Taka Michinoku & Sho Funaki.
Ken Shamrock defeated Hardcore Holly.
Mankind defeated Billy Gunn via count-out.
D-Lo Brown & Mark Henry (w/ Ivory) defeated The Acolytes.
The Godfather (w/ Hos) (c) vs. Road Dogg ended in a no contest in a WWF Intercontinental Championship Match
Triple H (w/ Chyna) defeated Al Snow.
The Big Show defeated Goldust (w/ the Blue Meanie).
The Rock defeated Val Venis.

Raw – 31st May 1999
The Big Show defeated Billy Gunn via count-out.
Beaver Cleavage defeated Christian.
Jeff Jarrett (w/ Debra) defeated The Godfather to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship.
Vince McMahon defeated The Undertaker (w/ Paul Bearer) by DQ
Road Dogg defeated the Big Bossman by DQ
The Acolytes defeated X-Pac & Kane (c) to win the WWF Tag Team Championship
Val Venis (w/ Nicole Bass) defeated Ken Shamrock
Triple H (w/ Chyna) defeated Mankind in a Hardcore Match
Steve Austin defeated The Undertaker (c) (w/ Paul Bearer) by DQ in a WWF Championship Match, meaning Taker retained the title.

Rory McNamara is joined by Erick Landstrom and Bob Colling to take on everything June 1999 WCW can throw at them. This includes a lot of sewage - both literal and metaphorical - plus:

The Great American Bash 1999

The Longest Discussion About The Merits Or Otherwise Of Buff Bagwell You Could Ever Want TO Hear

Flair And Piper Patch It Up. Very Easily.

Kevin Nash. Everybody's Hero.



Lacey and Mr Swanson review Hardcore Heaven, plus a whole lot of really good Hardcore TV's. RVD v Lynn 2 

Rory McNamara is joined by Bob Colling and Pete Kimber to look at a fascinating month in World Championship Wrestling. The boys break down a busy month of news before battling their way through the Slamboree Pay Per View. Topics of discussion include:

Tank Abbott's arrival. Play nice.
A GOOD Comedy Match. Really!
Kevin Fricking Nash Putting The World Title On Kevin Fricking Nash
Kevin Fricking Nash Putting Toxic Waste On Randy Fricking Savage
Eric Bischoff: On The Side Of The Angels?
Curt Hennig says "Hip Hop Music Is Not Very Good". 
(Stay tuned to the very end to hear a 'Was That A Timeline-Friendly Reference Or Not?' debate!)

Rory McNamara and Chris White are joined by Erick Landstrom for a very special edition of the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast.

In the first portion of the show, the team look at the immediate aftermath of the terrible events of May 23rd 1999 in real time. They ask if the Pay Per View should have been stopped, give their opinions on the 'Raw Is Owen' show and ask if any lessons can be learned from the tragedy.
After that, we return to the present day to discuss the career of the great Owen Hart. His finest matches, his most memorable promos, our memories, some listener feedback and we manage to forage a path that leads to Owen Hart, WWF Champion.

Chris White is joined by Billy Johnson to look at THE ALL NEW WCW in April 1999. Well, there's a new Nitro set anyway. The boys discuss:

Sting returning. Again.
Spring Stampede 1999 and DDP winning the World Title for the first time
Flair going insane. Again.
Sting winning the World Title. Again.
DDP winning the World TItle. Again.
(Chris is a little echoey at times, but perfectly listenable)

April 99 - Volume 3 - ECW

Lacey and James Yull breakdown this months Hardcore TV and the latest in the state of ECW. A Tag title Change and a Piss Test

Rory McNamara is joined by Dan Welling and Bob Colling to look at a very eventful April 1999 for the WWF. The points of discussion include:
Shane Says 'Respect This'
Backlash 1999 Review
Undertaker and Stephanie in Unholy Matrimony
It IS Time To Sing-Along-With-The-Rock
SmackDown Pilot Episode
Why Are The Brood Talking? 

Wrestling 20 Years Ago Special- Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia


Lacey & Peter review the 1st two issues of Suspicious Behavior Productions New Wrestling Comic - Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia


The series is co-created and cowritten by Matt Entin and Ed Kuehnel. And realesed by Suspicious Behavior Productions. With the tag line

“When a disgruntled pro wrestler declares himself ‘galactic champ of the universe’ a planet of alien wrestlers views it as an act of war.”


You can follow and find out more by searching for @SBP_Comics on twitter

Rory McNamara is joined by Dan Welling and Peter Kimber to begin another century's worth of shows on the Wrestling 20 Years Ago wingding. 

They commemorate Episode No. 201 by - for night only! - invoking the spirit of Episode No. 1! No cuts, no pre- or post- tapes, no audio play-ins...just good old discourse the way it used to be on here. On the discussion list:

The Name On The Marquee Does Say Wrestling, but.....
It's Uncensored! Ish!
Rey and Kidman Have One Of The Matches Of The Month
Bret Hart The WCW Edition Is Actually Involved In Something GOOD.

March 1999 - Vol 1 - WWF. Episode 200! Wrestlemania XV| Austin vs Rock

Chris White is joined by Rory McNamara and Erick Landstrom for the 200th edition of the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast! Fittingly, they celebrate by taking you through one of the worst Wrestlemanias of all time! Also on the agenda:

Jim Ross Turns Heel Again. Don't Send For Rick Bogner
Big Show but Little Prospects
The Brilliance Of The Greenwich Posse
Undertaker, Steph and all things...er..nice

March Vol 3 - ECW Living Dangerously - Taz v Sabu, RVD v Jerry Lynn

Lacey, Eric Landstrom and Bob Colling Jr bring you ECW Living Dangerously, with a Champion v Champion match to unify the ECW and FTW titles, a Match Of The Year benchmark, Dudleys being the Dudleys and the demise of the FBI

Chris White is joined by Erick Landstrom and Rory McNamara to look at The Month Before Wrestlemania Month in the WWF. Included in their discussion are the likes of:

Yet Another Media Backlash
St Valentine's Day Massacre PPV Review
The Long-Awaited Austin - McMahon Match
"The Rock Is Going To Wrestlemania!".. Oh And He Wins The WWF Title Too
Vince McMahon: Teddy Boy?

Rory McNamara is joined by Bob Colling and Billy Johnson to tackle the first month of Kevin Nash in full control of WCW (well....first month of official control anyway). 

The topics of discussion include:
Scott Steiner's courting techniques
The fall and fall of Bret Hart
Ric Flair, A Spotlight And A Turnip Truck
Superbrawl XI
The Other nWo Horsemen Parody 

Erick Landstrom is joined by Bob Colling to look at another eventful month of Hardcore TV. 

Topics of discussion include:
Everybody Loves Sid
The Mysterious Benefactor Is Revealed And It Is Rather Disappointing
Francine Goes Above And Beyond The Call Of Duty

"After audio meltdown with the first attempt, Rory McNamara is back to have another try at talking you through January 1999 in the WWF! He is joined by Dan Welling to discuss no fewer than three title changes - all of which end up encompassing the good, the camp and the ugly of the company - and the small matter of very possibly the worst Royal Rumble PPV in history"

Lacey is joined by Billy Johnson & Ryan Swanson to discuss ECW Guilty As Charged and some awesome TV, a Title Change and Dudleys on fine form

Rory McNamara is joined by Erick Landstrom and Dan Welling to try and put some butts in the seat for WCW in January 1999. They break down the January 4th Nitro in painstaking detail, including THAT Schiavone line and THAT title 'match'.... and then somehow manage to pick themselves up to the review the Souled Out PPV! 

And while you listen, why not try your hand at the "Fuck This Company" drinking game? As long as you aren't operating any heavy machinery....

Chris White is joined by Rory McNamara and Chris Lacey to round off the WWF's 1998. They look at the aptly-named Rock Bottom PPV, discuss the controversy surrounding "Undertaker's Symbol", say hello to a newcomer and heap praise on Vince McMahon getting ready to Rumble

Its that time of year again where we go rank and rate our favourite and least favourite things in the world of wrestling in 1998. Rory host a roundtable of Lacey, Chris White, Eric Landstrom and Dan Welling.

Tag Team:
Rising Star
Worst Match: 
Worst Booking
Worst Show:
The Wahoo Award For Unbearable Shitness Of The Year 
Best Show:

Lacey is joined by Billy Johnson for a whistle stop tour of ECW hardcore TV, we have title changes loads of match highlights and maybe one of the greatest moments of the year featuring Danny Doring and his ‘Dad’

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