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Lacey & Yullie are back with ECW TV review for June and there is also a company news heavy month. We have more ECW vs the Network (in real life as well on TV)

Chris White is joined by Rory McNamara to review the 2000 King of the Ring and break down a convoluted month of WWF booking

Erick Landstrom and Bob Bamber discuss the Great American Bash, month three of the Russo-Bischoff era, and the (we're serious) Goldberg heel turn before Bob hops on the WWF cruise.

Chris White is joined by Daniel D'Wit for your second WWF episode for the month covering the Judgement Day show featuring a 60-minute Iron Man Match between the Rock and Triple H, as well as the return of the Undertaker.

Lacey & Yullie discuss the Hardcore Heaven PPV and the TV for the month. We also have the loss of Lance Storm and where the next top stars will come from

Chris White is joined by Dan Welling & Adam Joyce to review the next UK-Exclusive PPV: Insurrextion - which is an absolutely fine show!

Erick Landstrom and Bob Bamber cover Slamboree 2000, seven world title changes, the return of Goldberg, and everything else they could squeeze in.

Lacey & Yullie go on a trip through the retro days of Wrestling Video Games, starting way back in the 80's and going upto the N64/Playstation 1.


there will be a part two going upto present. 


if you like this or have any ideas of other non timeline specials we can do during lockdown let us know

Chris White is joined by a very special surprise returning guest to break down all the fall out from WrestleMania 2000 & review the Backlash pay per view. You don't want to miss this one!

Lacey & Yullie go through a strange month in ECW where we have a WWF guy v a WCW guy at a ECW house show, title changes and a the loss of Mike Awesome and injury to Lance Storm

Erick Landstrom is joined by Daniel D'Wit and Bob Colling to discuss WCW's latest reboot, the New Blood vs. Millionaires Club, Spring Stampede 2000, four (!) world title changes, and the small matter of David Arquette.

Chris White is joined by Bob Colling & Devinder Vargas as they cover the build to WrestleMania 2000, the return of Vince McMahon, and review the show itself.

Lacey & Yullie are back with the coverage of Living Dangerously and this months TV. we have news on Sabu and HBK maybe on his way in too 

Eric is joined by Billy Johnson and Pete Kimber cover all things Uncensored and the Russo/Bischoff return. 


all other show will be out soon, due to current situations we are behind. Sorry

Lacey is joined by Chris and Eric to discuss No Way Out & Superbrawl, we have the perfect Hell In The Cell, how to make money from AOL/Time Warner and a knife pulled on live PPV.


we also address the show going forward as Rory has left the team. we would like to thank him for all his work on the project

Lacey and Daniel D'Wit run through a month of TV, we see what happens with no RVD, How the Network deals with out a TV Champion, the Ballard of Tommy & Raven continues and more  

Rory McNamara is joined by Bob Colling to see how WCW begin the new Millennium! Topics include:

Terry Funk Is In Charge. Forever!!

Is Bret Hart's WCW Career Over? Did It Ever Really Begin?

Souled Out 2000 Review

Sid Is The Champion - And That Is Not Bogus

Bye Bye Benoit. And Guerrero. And Malenko. And Saturn.

Lacey and James Yull host ECW with a review of the opening PPV of the year Guilty As Charged, Sabu v RVD, Spike v Mike Awesome and Impact Players v Raven & Dreamer. plus we cover the TV news and have a thoughts on the year ahead 

Chris White is joined by Erick Landstrom and Billy Johnson to look at the first month of 2000 Up North!

They assess the return of Cactus Jack, review the Royal Rumble PPV including a memorable debut and a stone cold classic match, and finish up by welcoming the  Radicalz to the fold!

Rory McNamara is joined by Chris White, Chris Lacey, Dan Welling, Erick Landstrom for a  leisurely and sanguine discussion of the best and worst of pro wrestling in 1999. No raised voices, temperatures or uppercuts here! Ohhhhh no....


(Listen to the end for a fun out-of-timeline discussion captured during our break)

Chris White is joined by Daniel Dwit to close out 1999 Up North. Armageddon is reviewed including Stephanie McMahon being ok really with all that forced marriage business.



They bought an iron and two toasters? Tight bastards

JR says "penis" on live PPV!!!!!!!!!!1111 Oh and there might be some nudity too.

Kane should be WWF Champion (c - Chris White)

Is the pen mightier than the mandible claw?

Rory McNamara is joined by a stinking cold and Chris Lacey to bring you the last month of 1999 as WCW entrust their biggest show of the year to you know who. Guess how it goes?


Also on the chopping block:

DDP works us into a shoot that is a work based on a shoot that could be a work

Help ME Rhonda!!

What Is Roddy Piper talking about (THIS time)?

...they're still calling themselves the *NEW* World Order?!!

Lacey goes solo for final ECW show of the year.

Steve Corino takes issue with the unlikely pair of Dusty Rhodes and Fred Durst.

There are also two Title changes!

Rory McNamara is joined by fellow hosts Chris Lacey and Chris White to answer YOUR questions! The boys tackle everything from how they prepare for each show to whether Blighty will ever play host to a Wrestlemania.


Merry Christmas to all our listeners!


(December 1999 shows coming soon!)

Rory McNamara is joined by Erick Landstrom and Chris Lacey(!) for Vince Russo's first full month at the helm in WCW....Topics of discussion include:


It's ONLY The Misfits (sorry)!

Kevin Nash Dicks Around A Bit.

By Gawd, Oklahoma SUCKS

Mayhem 1999 Review

Vince Russo And His Hand Do A Lot...

Starrcade 1999 Preview


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