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Erick, Dan W, Chris and that other bloke from ages ago are with you for a co-present-athon for Summerslam 2002. Of course you can expect the likes of:

The correct pronunciation of towns and cities with a "G" in them

Angle/Rey or Orndorff/Muraco. The world holds its breath...

Which version of Ric Flair's music is the best

Liking HHH again (sort of)

One of the panellist's all-time favourite match.... All-time!



But what about the overall score the guys give the PPV.? Has Wrestlemania X-7 been equalled? Hell, has the rating system been broken to such a degree that Wrestlemania X-7 can be surpassed?!...


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Next up: Clash At The Castle Special!

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