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In the first of three volumes for this most tumultuous of months, Erick Landstrom is joined by fellow former keepers of the WCW flame on this podcast - Bob Bamber and Rory McNamara - as they then watch it be extinguished for the final time.


They plot the course from the start of the month all the way until the still-shocking news of the company's demise being made official.


The final PPV - which could only ever be called 'Greed' - is reviewed by the team, as they also use some of its more positive moments to plot a course  as to where the company could have gone.


Vince McMahon and his pocket change are also discussed at great length, including whether the encouraging noises about full-scale WCW programming under the WWF banner are really just extended death throes.. 


The boys then sum up the last seven and a half years of covering WCW on this podcast channel..and wonder aloud what- if anything can be learned from it.


Thanks for the memories WCW. No, really. Thank YOU.


(Note: We recommend listening to these three shows in order!!)

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