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The talking is over! Let the talking begin! Yes it's the first episode of The Indies 20 Years Ago Podcast!

Join Billy Johnson, Daniel D'Wit and Adam Joyce as they take you through May 2001 in independent wrestling! They break down all the big and interesting news for the month before reviewing a selection of matches! If you wish to watch along with them then head over to our website for a full match-list with videos of the matches.


For those of you who are used to our format on the Wrestling 20 Years Ago Podcast, we are sure you will quickly pick up that these shows are NOT in strict Time Machine Mode, so if you hear things like "WWE" and "Blu-Ray" you don't have to bristle too much! 

For those of you brand new to us, welcome! We hope you stick around and check out all the other content we have available on our feed!

We've been looking forward to bringing this new direction to you all for a long time so we hope you enjoy it just as much the guys did making it and I did editing it!

Follow the fellas on the twitters at @indywres20yrs for more info, clips...and soon on how YOU can get involved with forthcoming programming!

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