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In the first of three Non-Timeline Specials we are making available to celebrate our Seventh Anniversary, Chris Lacey is joined by Chris White and Dan Welling to LiveWatch NXT Takeover London from December 2015.


(This show was originally recorded in October 2018 for our Patreon account (lest we forget!), so when references are made to  the likes of heel Becky Lynch or NXT being an hour-long weekly show on the Network, be sure to bear that in mind!)


As the two of them were there, Chris and Chris regale you with stories from the night itself..well...the stories they can remember anyway! You might also come away with the opinion that Dan quite likes this Samoa Joe fellow..


Enjoy the great two hours' worth of content that we all think deserves the widest possible audience!


Be sure to watch out for our standard shows for all three promotions in August 2000 - they'll be along soon.


Many thanks for your continued support!


Watch along with the guys on the following link:  https://watch.wwe.com/episode/WWE-NXT-TakeOver-London-9853?startPoint=227.167




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